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At Legacy Landscaping & Design, we’re passionate about turning your outdoor space into a beautiful, welcoming area that fits your style with our landscaping design services in Tucson. We take the time to understand what you want, whether it’s a peaceful garden corner or a lively spot for friends and family to gather.

Our team carefully plans every part of your outdoor space, choosing the right plants and designing paths and areas that are both pretty and practical. We specialize in creative garden planning that integrates seamlessly with your home and showcases your individuality.

Our landscaping design in Tucson Arizona, is not only about looks; we use plants and materials that work well in your local weather and are easy to care for. We’re here to help you make an outdoor space that’s stunning to look at and a joy to be in, where you’ll love spending time. Let’s create a lovely, inviting landscape together that you’ll enjoy for years.


Our Mission

We are committed to crafting inspiring landscapes that blend nature’s beauty with practical elegance, enhancing outdoor living experiences while prioritizing environmental sustainability and client fulfillment in every project.


Our Vision

We envision transforming outdoor spaces into artistic, sustainable havens, setting new standards in landscaping design, and enriching lives by creating pleasant, nature-inspired environments for all to enjoy.

Our Remarkable Process of Landscaping Designs

Our custom landscape design process is precisely crafted to bring your dream outdoor space to life. Legacy Landscaping & Design’s landscaping designer in Tucson AZ, blends creativity with functionality, ensuring each design is stunning. Our goal is to provide a unique, stress-free experience that will lead to a beautiful and functional landscape that goes far beyond your expectations.

Initial Consultation: Understanding the client’s vision, style preferences, and functional needs

Site Analysis: Evaluating the area’s terrain, climate, and existing structures

Conceptual Design: Creating initial design drafts reflecting the client’s vision and feedback

Material Selection: Choosing sustainable, suitable materials and plants for the design

Final Plan Presentation: Revealing the detailed, refined landscaping design for approval

Advantages of Choosing Our Landscaping Design Services

Choosing our best landscaping design services in Tucson offers numerous benefits that elevate your outdoor space to the next level. Focusing on eco-friendly practices, we design sustainable and easy-to-maintain landscapes, saving you time and resources in the long run.

Your ideas and feedback are essential to creating a space that genuinely feels like your own, making the design process an enjoyable and engaging experience.

Personalized Designs: Tailored solutions matching personal style and functional requirements

Certified Team: Experienced professionals committed to exceptional design and execution

Cost-Effective Solutions: Designs that reduce maintenance costs and save resources

Trend Conscious: Incorporating the latest trends for modern, innovative outdoor spaces

Client-Centric Focus: Prioritizing client satisfaction and involvement throughout the project

Our Landscape Value Boost: A Beautiful Investment in Your Property

We understand the importance of soil health in landscaping design services in Tucson. Our advanced soil management techniques ensure that your plants have a robust foundation, leading to healthier, more vibrant gardens and green spaces.

You can trust that our professional landscape designers will follow all applicable safety and industry guidelines for stunning, safe, and legally permitted outcomes. Legacy Landscaping & Design’s dedication to safety ensures the well-being of our clients and team members alike. Your home’s value will skyrocket with a professionally landscaped yard.

Our services beautify your space and serve as a smart investment, increasing the appeal and worth of your property in the market.

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Landscaping Design

We specialize in custom landscaping design services in Tucson that transform outdoor spaces into stunning, functional havens that reflect your style and enhance your property’s natural beauty.


We offer expert masonry services, crafting durable, aesthetically pleasing structures and features using high-quality materials tailored to blend seamlessly with your landscape and architecture.


We provide professional installation services, ensuring that your landscaping elements, from plants to hardscapes, are installed with precision and care for lasting beauty and functionality.


We create elegant, durable pathways, patios, and driveways using a variety of high-quality pavers designed to enhance the beauty and accessibility of your outdoor living spaces.

Outdoor Kitchen

We design and build custom outdoor kitchens that are functional and convenient and serve as a stylish central point for outdoor entertainment and family gatherings.

Outdoor Fire Place

We craft unique outdoor fireplaces that provide warmth and ambiance, making your outdoor space a cozy retreat for relaxation and socializing throughout the year.

Artificial Turf

We install premium artificial turf, offering a low-maintenance, eco-friendly lawn solution that stays lush and green year-round, perfect for your spaces.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Water conservation is a top priority. We incorporate drought-tolerant plants and efficient irrigation systems to minimize water usage while maintaining the beauty of your landscape.

The cost varies depending on the scope of the project. We offer flexible budget options to accommodate different needs. Contact us for a personalized quote tailored to your specific project.

We prioritize safety and can incorporate features like secure fencing and non-toxic plant choices to ensure a safe environment for pets and children.

Our team is experienced in dealing with Tucson’s unpredictable weather. We take necessary precautions and adapt our schedule to minimize weather-related disruptions.

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Adaptability to Challenges

Our team is skilled at adapting to unforeseen issues, whether they’re related to terrain, climate, or other external factors. Because of this flexibility, your project will continue to go as planned despite difficulties.

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Wildlife-Friendly Designs

Our approach to landscaping design services in Tucson adds a dynamic, natural aspect to your landscape. Birds and pollinators are just a few examples of the local wildlife we aim to promote in our designs.


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